Art by Celia

Hello! I’m Celia Goddard, a South African artist. I specialize in painting portraits of loved ones. I do so freely, in exchange for donations to support my work as an artist and Christian missionary. If you wish to commission a piece, please contact me.





I was born in 1954 and spent a quiet childhood in Cape Town advantaged by an excellent education. After an intercontinental move, 4 children and 45 years, I decided to train as an educator with the intention of returning to South Africa as a teacher. In 2000 I opened my first school, Eagle’s Wings, in poverty-stricken Khayalitsha. Five years later I started another, Eagle’s Nest, in Wallacedene, a similar but smaller area. This 2nd school has grown from 30 children and 4 staff to 460 children and 28 staff. I started these schools with little experience, but a burning passion to teach and make a difference.

Painting has been a lifelong desire, though one I believed to be impossible having never been encouraged in the arts as a child. After laying dormant for 60 years God has allowed me to realise my gift and to discover the joy of creating beauty, meaning and emotion from paint and a blank canvas.

– MY ART –


Like my love of colours, I love a colourful subject to paint – a wrinkled face that tells a story, a child’s radiant smile or a humourous situation. I have a deep desire to bring people joy, this is what inspires my art, especially my portraits. Through bringing others joy I also experience the joy of bringing honour and glory to the Ultimate Creator and Inspiration in my life, Father God.

I welcome you to browse my gallery of art and photos in the main menu. Simply click on any image to read the stories and the inspiration behind my work. May this inspire you, and bless your day.